Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Roman Catholicism's Unholy Trinity

More and more as I listen to the local RCC radio station, I'm realizing that Roman Catholicism really has an unholy trinity, effectively speaking. Functionally, they have replaced The Real Holy Father with their counterfeit holy father they call The Pope. They have replaced Jesus the Son with a piece of bread. Actually over a trillion pieces of bread and counting. They have replaced the Holy Spirit with the so-called all-holy mother of god.

Actually, the correspondence isn't perfect. It isn't a perfect "one-to-one" and "onto" mapping, since Mary supposedly performs a lot of the things Jesus really does--like be our advocate and intercede for us. And their unholy father, in concert with the magisterium (and all the magisterial documents and Tradition thrown in), supposedly performs the function of interpreting the Scriptures for us, teaching us, and guiding us into all truth, which is actually the role the Scriptures give to the Holy Spirit. But they seem to form a group performing their own unholy perichoresis.

Actually I left one out--our other mother, the Church. But wait, I thought Mary was our mother. I'm confused. Catholics have two mommies? But maybe this concept could be folded into the pope.

Listen to Catholic Radio and tell me it's not so. All the time they spend on devotion to "our lady", on devotion to "the blessed sacrament", all the hoopla over "the holy father's" visit to Australia last month. I grew up Catholic, but it still blows my mind that they sit or kneel before a box and worship all those round wafers, thinking each one is Jesus. Unbelievable (and I mean that)!

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