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Stunning Nature Video

James White posted this amazing video on his blog.

Sept. 2006 Prophecies by Kim Clement

(This was originally posted on my alternate blogsite almost a year ago, but I'm moving it to here.)

September 3rd, 2006 - San Jose, CA
In the Month of October...
"...I will praise with you if it is My name that is honored in this Nation. I will dance with you," says the Spirit of God, "for you will dance because the victory is coming to this Nation. In the month of October, I will vindicate you in a big way," says the Spirit of the Lord.

September 10th, 2006 - Hollywood, CA The Greatest Christmas
I just got a glimpse of one of the greatest Christmases that we are ever to have!!I just heard some of the bells, I just heard some of the Christmas songs and I said, "God, what is this all about?" He says, "I'm bringing a season upon the people that would believe it, that will end this year with an explosion of multiplication, multiplication of vision, multiplication of finance, multiplication of faith, multiplication of grace." I want you to know the Jesus that I serve is in this building and He's giving it to you! I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! "Secrets," is coming into manifestation, and God is not going to be happy until He has full reign of this house and the people of God that are in this house, and if you believe that the greatest things in the world are going to take place in this place and in your house, then shout out yes!! "Prisoners are being set free; the orphans are being touched. This is going to be an unusual Christmas," says the Lord. And I cannot tell you everything, but it's the night of "Secrets," so I have to tell you what I know. All I can tell you is I saw God shaking a few territories again.
"And they will say, 'Why would it be a joyful occasion when there is death instead of life?'" God said, "You will not for once say, 'Death is a bad thing.'" This death that God is speaking about is a death that will bring great, great, great victory to this Nation in their minds and in their thinking.
For this is the Word of the Lord, "Terror has come to this Nation. Terrorists have dictated since 2001, the fear that people have. And the terrorists have enjoyed it, but they have never been successful to do another thing except exploitation of the peoples' minds." God said, "My people will not be corrected under this type of control. I want you to know something--there will never EVER be a successful attack in this Nation because I have seen something in the hearts of the prophetic people." "As long as the prophets stay alive, as long as the prophets declare the high praise of God, I will chain your enemies. I will chain your enemies," says the Lord. "And I will cause them to bow their knee. Listen. You say, 'What about oil?' Oil will be plentiful. We're not talking about oil."
Watch the Big E
God said, "Watch the BIG E. You must listen. For the investments will bring hundreds of millions and billions into the Kingdom of God. I'm about to reveal it to My prophets, therefore, get ready, because those that said, 'I am poor,' you will say, 'I am rich.' And those that said, 'I am weak,' you shall say, 'I am strong.'" For God says, "Watch now, watch now as I show you one of the men that have controlled the power of the internet and controlled the power of computers. I will show him something and it shall be a sign to you," says the Lord of Hosts. "PC, PC," God said, "please listen to Me: I will reveal it to him. It shall be a revelation. They shall say, 'But how can an ungodly man, not a man of God get so much truth?' You know why? Because he's the controller of the marketplace and he's made billions of dollars."
Now God said, "This is about to be shared with My people, for the wealth of the unrighteous is about to be released into the bosom of the righteous. It's already started to happen, but it's going to be done in a double portion manner, and if you want that to happen, be wise as serpents and I'll show you what to do, for it's a day of victory that's coming," says the Lord! Something is going to happen in this Nation before the end of this year that is monumental. Get ready for the acceleration of your life, for what you have seen is about to come to pass.

September 15th, 2006 - Loveland, CO
I Am Looking for a Place to Rest My FeetThis is the end of a season of mourning, fear, disaster, and setbacks. A season of great favor has entered into the universe and into the earth, and into time and into space. God has been searching for a place to rest His feet. Even as Noah sent out the dove, he could not find a place to rest his feet.
God said, "I have hovered and looked for men who would be Kingdom thinkers. I have listened to the garbage of many within religious circles discussing small things. I am searching the earth for men who will not be accustomed to small things--men and women that shall shake nations. This is what I look for. I am searching for a place to rest My feet. Great favor has been granted at this time."
Two Signs Shall I Give You
And God said, "A sign shall be this--two signs shall I give you: one shall be the death of a leader who shall rapidly deteriorate in Korea." For God said, "I will take both North and South, and make it one. Kim, your days are numbered," says the Lord. "I'm speaking of the Prime Minister of North Korea." God said, "Enough is enough. I want a sound to come," and God said, "I will do it."
"But the other shall be the stepping down of a Prime Minister of the Lion of the Nation of Great Britain. For when he does this," says the Lord, "it shall be a sign, not because he stepped down; a sign that something shall advance, something shall advance out of Great Britain.
Something shall advance," says the Spirit of God, "from the United States. And I will take them, and I will make them to be one sound and one voice, a very unusual revival, a very unusual breakthrough shall take place," says the Lord. "And there shall be an acceleration on the oil crisis and suddenly, there shall be an acceleration and discoveries shall be made one after the other."
And God said, "Your energy crisis shall slowly come to an end, for I am going to bring prosperity upon the Body of Christ and upon those who have waited, and said, 'God, I want You to lay upon me that blessing that You promised through Daniel, that blessing that You promised through Joseph, the blessing that You promised through Isaiah, and the blessing that You promised through the prophets of old." I'm standing at this day where the Kingdom of God is about to advance upon the earth.Jerusalem, I Am Watching Over You
"Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I stand and I watch over you. And they say, 'There is no peace in Jerusalem.'" But God said, "I have placed something very powerful and something very spontaneous there that shall reach the ends of the earth." God said, "This is no small thing, and I will not be mocked by man as if to say I cannot use the soil of Zion and I cannot use the soil of Jerusalem, and I cannot move in the Middle East."
"Watch Me place the sound of Christ right in the middle of Israel, and right through them I shall bring forth a great evangelism," says the Lord. "The Lion is about to arise," and God says, "you hear what I say to you tonight, that this massive move of evangelism shall reach into your children and your grandchildren."
God said, "There is coming upon the earth an acceleration of deliverance, an acceleration of evangelism, and acceleration of the working of miracles." For God said, "The gift that is going to come to the fore, is the working of miracles." God said, "What you could not acquire shall be acquired easily. What you struggled to do, shall be done quickly and rapidly and easily," says the Lord. "Let Me tell you, I have not watched man in vain, I have looked at their hearts, and now there shall be an acceleration." "I will bring gold from Edom. I will bring oil from Edom. I will bring it from the ungodly and the unrighteous," says the Lord. "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I am watching over you, and from there many shall see, but also," God says, "in many other portions of the earth, and the satellites shall glow, and they shall sing my praises," says the Lord. "Listen to Me, a move of the Spirit is about to take place that will do something to every family in the earth," says the Lord. "Get ready, I'm raising up the prophets and the prophetic voices throughout the earth. Rejoice, oh people of God. This is your day of acceleration!"

By Kim ClementProphetic Image Expressions

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