Friday, March 07, 2008

The Postmodern Creed

"I believe in the Virgin Birth. It's so beautiful, it just has to be true, whether it happened or not."

Diana Butler-Bass, in her address to the Emergent Mainline conference in 2007, spoke of a meeting at an Episcopal church in Atlanta that turned into a pro-Virgin-birth / anti-Virgin-birth brawl. In the middle of the brawl, a 17-year-old kid utters this postmodern creed, and to Butler-Bass, this instantly launches him into Emergent stardom.

This is precisely why I will never be Emergent. More and more, it seems to me that Emergent and Postmodernism is built on this kind of non-logic, no-accountability, fudge-factor world view that forever tries to juxtapose the irreconcilable. It will never believe anything, never understand anything, never build anything. It only has the capacity to get away with things, mostly mischief.

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