Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Norman Grubb on Smoking

"What about the Smoking Habit?" says it all regarding Christ being formed in us.


edhunor10813997 said...
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BlazingSon said...

Interesting perspective. I do not think that there is anything wrong with tobacco. It is the complete loss of control that one needs to be wary of.

I smoke cigars a few times a month and love it. I dont think it is a sin in any way.

Down here in the South, buying alcohol is illegal on Sundays. I saw on an interview with a local preacher who said that drinking alcohol is a sin. I dont know which bible he is reading, but the state of drunkeness is certainly sinful, not having a drink or two. Making these absolute rules and creating our own definition of sin waters down the gospel and creates a religion instead of inspires faith.

BlazingSon said...

Grubb's analysis at the end of his response is spot on. Awesome!

Rob the Mob said...

I'm going to go off of what BS (aka Steve) is saying about purchasing and consuming alcohol.
In my opinion, it is NOT a sin to drink alcohol just for the taste and not so much to get drunk. However, I feel that you cross that line when you start drinking just to get drunk (or you keep drinking well after you have that buzz going).
And the view that that preacher, I don't understand it at all. Like you BS, I have the occasional drink every now and then, and I can't think of any Bible verses where it states that drinking a beer (or any alcohol) or two is sinful. So, I don't know what Bible that preacher is reading, or what he's smokin', but a lot of Christians nowadays stand very much the same way as this guy, and it seriously is upsetting me.
And if you judge somebody because you see them walking out of a bar, then you first have to look at yourself, because judging others (as I understand it) is also a sin.
Now, as far as smoking, I don't do it all that often, and when I do, it's an occasional cigar or a tobacco pipe, but both of those combined was maybe twice a month before I left to come out here (haven't smoked at all in the past three months). When I get back, I might pick up the pipe a bit more, but probably not more than once a week or so. Cigars might be equally as often as that, if not less so.

Rob the Mob said...

Also want to point out the fact that Jesus and his disciples drank wine. If you don't believe me, open up your Bible to the Last Supper for starters.